About me

Name Mary Atif Malak 

Nationality : Egyptian
E-mail : msmaryatif@yahoo.com   msmaryatif@hotmail.com
Bachelor of Arts and Education, department of English, Zagazik University (Benha branch) in 2001, good degree.
Other Qualifications:
1- Vocational Diploma in School Administration, in 2002, very good degree.
2- Private Diploma in Comparative Education and School Administration, in 2003 very good degree.
Named- job according to the cadre of teachers:
 Senior Teacher of  English.
The position of the work : I’m still on the job since 2003.
Years of Experience : 11 years 
Stage : Preparatory Secondary.
The financial class : Second  specialty.
Governorate   : EL-Qaliobya.
Educational Administration :   Benha.
The name of school :
 Mostafa Kamel Integrated Experimental Language School- Benha – Qualubia 
Training courses:
  1. I’ve attended a lot of workshops and trainings at the English department supervision, Educational Administration and The Directorate of Education in Benha.
  2. The Reading Companion Training at Educational Administration in Benha.
  3. TOT Certificate.
  4. Body Language Certificate (NTC of Human Development).
  5. Communication Skills Certificate (NTC of Human Development).
  6. Disk Analysis Certificate (NTC of Human Development).
  7. The Successful Manager course (5 Certificates).
  8. ISEF local fair participant Certificate.
  9. Computer Skills Certificate (Administrative Affairs &CACE).  
Language Skills:
Mother tongue (L1): Arabic Language.
Target Language (L2): English Language.
I can read, write and speak English well.
I have been studying at Professional Educator Diploma (  PED)  in Integrated Technology for Classroom Teachers. (ETCT ) at AUC. 
Computer Skills:
ICDL, TKT course, ICT course, I’m a trainer of  Intel programme (Getting Started, Teach, Learn, Essential and Elements), Office program: (IT, Window XP, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Internet). I had many courses of Computer Science in The American University Continuing Education, Qualubia Governorate and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. All of them my estimate is excellent.
Activities and interests:
Making some files using office programs on the computer, navigating on the internet, doing social services (for children and old people), doing with team work, listening to music and doing exercises.