Happy Eid Ul-Adha

May the blessings of Allah  fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always.

May the blessings of Allah be with you on Eid Ul-Adha and always.

Happyyyyyyyyyyy  Eiddddddddddd.

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“Welcome” and “Hello” my dears in my blog.

My name is:  Miss Mary Atif Malak.

I’m a senior teacher of English at  Primary and  Preparatory stage in Mostafa Kamel Experimental Language School- Benha – Qualubia .

This blog is to communicate with my students in class and with their parents about how to improve and develop students’ degree in English language skills.

I hope that it obtains your approval, have your good opinions and find it useful and everything is new and value.

This Blog will offer you the following:

1 – Some useful websites in the development of English language skills (listening, speaking reading, and writing).

2 – Some useful and beneficial videos for the improvement of learning English.

3 – Also some of the supported songs of the educational curriculum in kindergarten, elementary and prep stage.

4 – Some stories (the characters and questions about them) and poems (the meaning of words, the paraphrase, the figures of speech and questions about them) used specially in prep stage.

5 – Moreover some games that develop and increase the intelligence of children and relate to in English at the same time.

6 – In addition some questions and examinations in order to realize the level of standardization and improvement of students in studying.

7- There are Power point presentations to teach English letters in an easy and simple way , specially for kindergarten students.

8 – As well as the presentations of the curriculum of English (governmental and language level) for primary and preparatory students.

9 – In addition to that there is an explanation of English language rules and grammar (in details and in a simplified way including explained examples).

10 – Finally some plays that benefit prep stage (the characters, comments on them and questions about every play).

I would like to invite you to browse the blog and click any links to learn, improve and develop yourself and get useful information in learning English language.